Finding SVBL in MSA15, EDC15 VAG ecus

I will show you how to find SVBL in WinOLS. Works for VAG cars 1.9tdi VP37 and PD engines, 2.5tdi (T4 bus).

ECU list:

  • 028 906 021 xx  aluminium case only
  • 038 906 012 xx
  • 038 906 018 xx
  • 038 906 019 xx
  • 074 906 018 xx
  • 074 906 021 xx aluminium case only


So basically you need to know if your car have VNT or WG turbo. WG turbos are for low power versions. 1.9tdi 90hp and all 2.5tdi engines exept 151hp version.


To find SVBL first we need to set correct settings in WinOLS. Use 16 bit decimal Lo/Hi view.

So if you have VNT turbo find 31455 value in decimal. Use search till you find something like this 1990 31455 40 0 0 31455 .  You will see 2 values of 31455 near. Before first 31455 are located SVBL.

But if you have WG turbo you need to find value 32043 . Usually pattern will look like this 1980 32043 100 0 0 32043 . And again first value are SVBL.


In each ecu there can be from 1 till 3 SVBL depending on how much codeblocks ecu have. In next post i will try explain what are codeblocks and why they are needed.

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