Bosch MSA15 immo removal

In this guide i will show how to remove immo from VAG MSA15 ecu.
ECU list that will work

  • 038 906 018  (1.9tdi)
  • 038 906 013 (1.9 sdi)
  • 028 906 021 (in aluminium casing only 1.9, 2.5)
  • 074 906 021 (in aluminium casing only 1.9, 2.5)
  • 4B0 907 401 (2.5 v6)
  • 8D0 907 401 (2.5 v6)


Basically all ecus will work if they are similar to ones above. If you are not sure – ask in comments.

First what you need are programmer that can read 24c02 chip. Open your ecu. In other side of cpu and eeprom chips find small 8 pin chip B58253. Thats our 24c02 chip. You need to desolder it and read content. I will show next with one file what i got. Its better that you use content from your chip cause, coding info are in this eeprom and some other.

This method are usually called 60 trick. You need to find in hex all 33 values and replace them to 60 in hex.


You need some hex editor and find all 33 values. I used CH341A Programmer editor. Nothing special, but you can do job with it.


Easiest way to find values are Ctrl+F and make sure to check in Hex format. Enter 33 and find all values. As you can see they are 2 in this file. Might be more or less.


Now simply replace them with 60 and you are ready to write file in eeprom.



If this dont work out in first time, dont worry try again cause eeprom contents might be changed again, but different. For these ecus this method works perfect. I will attach files from images.


24c02 immo off files

35 thoughts on “Bosch MSA15 immo removal

  1. Hi I’m trying to follow your tutorial but not luck with reading de eeprom I’m using the same reader as you and I do also have willem pcb5 not luck at all any advice?

    1. Well… what you get? I have also willem pcb5. It works fine. Sometimes you have to remove IC, but with willem it works good most of time.

  2. Hi,
    I just read out a B58253 from a 038906018S ECU. But, in the content there is not 33h value at all. Also no 60h value.
    What to do?

  3. Hi,
    I changed the address 65h from F3h to 60h and address 82h from 73h to 60h

    I did not try, but I hope it will work.
    Thanks again

  4. hey i have made all these changes properly, read it with minipro and there was only one 33 value i changed it to 60 but i cant programm it there always comes an error and the error shows the value i changed … i dont know what i am doing wrong ?!!

  5. okay , it works now !
    There was only one 33 value i changed it to 60 ! But when i load the Immo file in the programm ” Immo universald decoding 3.2″ The program make the same change as i did but he put one more 60 value in the same column where before stands 00 ??

    Should i use anyway my file with only the one 33 value changed to 60?

      1. yes but i dont know which works… and i thougt you maybe know. then i mus desolder again and program again if one file does not work 😀

  6. hi,
    how could i switch off immo in 028906021af (black plastic case)?
    someone said it has two eeproms to reprogram. is it true?

  7. Hi…Can you please let me know if the 33 to 60 will work on edc15p+ ibizaasz130cv 038 906 019 DQ ?
    Have been using this method on vp engines but never on PD engines. Would really like to succeed on first attempt! Your opinion/Help would be great!

  8. hello, my calculator 028 906 021DL dropped me following bad welding for door eproms, more communication. I bought a computer 028 906 021FL and CH341A the written chip B58253 I / SN is impossible to read “FF” indicated and impossible to write. Help me please.

      1. I tried 10 times, I just found and information “immobox a debrancher” before reconnecting the computer in immo off, does that speak to you?

  9. Hello,
    I hope you will be able to help me I have changed all the values ​​33 to 60 and nothing to do it does not start. I check by reading the 24c02 eprom is well written. There is an original “immobox” box on the car, if the calculator is in OFF is there any manipulation to do on the immobox? thank you

  10. Thank you! That worked perfectly on my 038 906 018 FD (1.9tdi).
    It was showing DTC 17978 (Engine Start Blocked by Immobilizer), which would not clear, even though the immo interface was happy with the ignition keys.
    After changing the 0x33 bytes to 0x60 (at addresses 0x65 and 0x8B on my ECU), I could clear the DTC, and the engine now runs.
    The ECU made several changes to the EEPROM after the fix, but did not raise any more DTCs.

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