VAG codeblocks

Hello, today im going to do quick guide about codeblocks. As you may already know, that often VAG tdi ecus come with different codings. So why that?

Basically old ecus MSA15, EDC15 have 3 codings. They might not be active in your ecu, but they still exists. They are based on cars transmission type.


  • Manual gearbox coding. Usually in ecu are in first position (vcds software coding 00002)
  • Quattro or syncro coding. Usually second coding in bin file (vcds software coding 00003)
  • Automatic gearbox coding. Usually third coding in file (vcds software coding 00001)


In WinOLS you can locate these codings pretty easy. These codings are value set, that are almost same with some differences. Often for maps you can use offsets to find different coding maps. About using offsets i will write later.

So i have attached image bellow. You can see different codings in this file. Sometimes in your ecu will be only 1 or 2 codeblocks. Easiest way to find out what coding ecu are missing is to use vcds and try to switch codeblocks. If codeblock doesnt change so that codeblock isnt in ecu.

Basic stuff -> codeblock 2 = manual, codeblock 3 = quattro, codeblock 1 = automatic.




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