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As you might notice before page sometimes went down showing: Error establishing a database connection. Today im happy to announce that i have migrated website on new server and these issues should not occur now. Later today i will write article about how to disable IMMO on VAG MSA15 ecus and maybe EDC15 too.

3 thoughts on “Server update

  1. Hi,

    well done and thank you a lot for the gifts so unconventional these days where the care, empathy and free advises seems bad things or abnormal.
    I am french user and sorry for my poor english!! lol!
    I got a Audi TT 8N 1.8T 180 Ch – Cabriolet – First immat on: 05/02/2002 (real date: 11/2001) With ECU Bosch Benzin ME7.5 0261207416 – 8N0906018AQ – 360843
    So, i can’t find the precise original ECU file on your list..
    The most relevant were: Audi TT 1.8T 180HP 8N0906018AQ 0261207416, and apparently, mine would be the number: 360843 and not 363478.
    My ECU corresponding to a switch period of iMMO Generation.. i guess mine is a gén 3 because i have to use a specific thread to read or write the EEPROOM bin: it’s a Boot Mode with the short of pin 23 on GND during 3 or 5 seconds to be able to flash the EEPROM. I want to immo off ma car which is immobilized since 1 month and i don’t want to either i can’t find 1000 or 1500€ just for that. I have to change my pneumatic which cost 4x 250€ and that is not negotiable!

    Perhaps it’s the zip files good to363478 and to 360843 also!?? i don’t know..
    If you got a response or a n explanation to light my way… =) it would be great.

    Best regards

    Jean from French town of NANCY in the EAST

    1. These numbers are like software version. Usually it works fine when changing them. Does immobiliser are causing problems for you? I think that you maybe need to do immo off in eeprom 24cXX.

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