Basic remap 038 906 012 AH ecu

So we are going to remap 038 906 012 AH ecu. Audi 1.9 TDI VP37 pump engine. This ecu is EDC15. Really easy ecu to start with.

Things we need to do basic remap for this ecu :

  1. Drivers wish map. This map basically converts accelerator pedal % to IQ (injection quantity in mg). % vs rpm = IQ.
  2. Torque limiter. This map limits your engine torque at various rpms and atmosphere pressure.  rpm vs atm. pressure = IQ
  3. Smoke limiter. Takes readings from MAF sensor and depending from rpm transfers it to iq.
  4. Pump voltage map. This map calibrates injection for fuel pump. Needs to touch if you are doing heavy tune or want just to get out from stock engine. Dont go over 4.8 volts.
  5. SOI(start of injection) maps. These maps advance or retard pump timing depending on rpm and iq. rpm vs iq = SOI . There are also SOI limiter by temperature.
  6. Boost maps. There are basically 2 maps. Boost target( IQ vs rpm = mbar (boost)  ) and boost limit ( atm pressure (mbar) vs rpm = mbar (boost) ).
  7. SVBL. Single Value Boost Limiter. Not easy to find in some ecus, but i will later tell how to do it in msa15,edc15 VAG (Audi ,VW) ecus.


Here are files : A4 1.9tdi 038906012AH remap

To open them i would do like this.

1.Open Winols. Then Project->New..->File..->Binary file, click OK -> Choose file Audi A4…   After that edit some project settings and you should see file.

2.To import map pack. Project-> Ex- & Import -> Import map pack . Then select map pack from .rar file and you now should see my basic maps.

3.To import my tune. Project -> Ex- & Import -> Import file.. Then you need to choose  WinOLS(Audi A4 … file.


After that you see imported file. You can open maps and see value changes. If you want to make tune more agressive then need to increase iq values. I wouldnt advice go for more boost. As turbo gets really much stress. I will write more about finding maps and choosing max values for this engine in other post.


038 906 012 AH Map addresses :

  • 5AD72 SVBL
  • 5AF60 Boost target
  • 5B556 Boost limit by atmosphere pressure
  • 5C1BC Drivers wish
  • 5C8BA Torque limiter
  • 5C9D0 Smoke limiter(MAF)
  • 600FC Pump voltage map
  • 611D8 Soi limiter by temperature
  • 612D0 SOI target

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